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28th October 2020 
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IOSH Workplace Behavioural Safety Version 2 
Duration – One Day (6 hours) 
Aim of the Course 
The course aims to give the delegates a greater awareness of what leads us to make unsafe decisions whilst at work and to highlight the internal and external influences that drive us to take unsafe actions and make unsafe decisions. 
During the course, we also outline not only our Moral Responsibilities and processes involved in decision making, but also our Legal Responsibilities whilst at work. 
Once these areas have been covered, we can then start to pinpoint the specific moment at which we can stop ourselves and make safer decisions more often. 
Moral Responsibilities 
Legal Responsibilities 
Basic Risk Assessment 
Understanding the effects of our Values, Attitudes and Beliefs on our decision making 
Conscious and Subconscious mind and the basics of how each operate and interact. 
The Mechanics of the decision making process and at which point we allow unsafe decisions. 
Human Error Model and how we can recognise and take steps to reduce Human Error. 
Upon completion of the course, delegates should have a better awareness of the influences that affect our decision making. 
They should be able to recognise the point at which they are beginning to make unsafe decisions potentially stop and make better decisions more often. 
They should have a better awareness of their, and management responsibilities under the HASAWA 1974 and be able to make better informed decisions with the aid of their “New Tools”. 
There is a multi-choice question paper at the end which requires a 70% pass mark to receive the IOSH certificate of understanding. 
Online Webinars available - 
9 and 10 at 14:00-17:30 
2 and 3 at 14:00-17:30 
The cost per delegate to attend an open course is £255.00 + VAT. 
For further information on our courses and pricing structure, please call one of our training advisors on 01539 437436 or use our enquiry form. 


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